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Achievement Dynamics, Inc. | Denver, CO

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Meet Kathleen Winsor-Games

Kathleen Winsor-Games, VP Sales & Organizational Excellence

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Kathleen Winsor-Games

Kathleen Winsor-Games, VP Sales & Organizational Excellence

Kathleen has a passion for helping business leaders maximize talent and improve sales and business performance. Through her work as a Sales Trainer, Executive Coach, and published author, Kathleen demonstrates the multiplying effect of integrating purpose and values with proven business strategies.

When I started working with Achievement Dynamics, I felt like I had no road map for the issues I was facing. Through our work, I have gained perspective and found value in receiving outside impartial advice. There were several times when we collectively came to a decision that I had not even been considering. I have found them to be wise, even-keeled, and uplifting. The outcome is clear, concise goals and strategic direction.

Todd, Vice President

Working with Achievement Dynamics brought me immediate results. Fifteen years ago, as my career coach, they helped me recognize the difference between a salesperson and a sales leader, which ultimately led to my promotion five years ago. Always standing ready as first counsel, their objective guidance still helps me transform from the manager mindset to leader mindset. In recent years, as a leadership development coach, Achievement Dynamics has provided learning opportunities for my team to establish a runway of personal awareness to challenge the possibilities of high achievement through professional development.

Robert, Regional Vice President

Before I worked with Achievement Dynamics, I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and unfocused. Today I am more confident and effective . . . they helped me grow my business and helped me grow personally. They understand the dynamics of people deeply and share their insights in a way that makes sense. My business is poised for manageable and controlled growth for this year and beyond.

Elizabeth, President